Fight strange and wonderfully horny monsters, explore a weird alternate-dimension Amsterdam, wield your sexual prowess in a quest for love and glory!

They say great leaders are born, not made. You wouldn't know, you can barely afford rent, let alone rule anything. But all of that changes the day you accidentally resurrect the greatest monster guild, 15 years after its mysterious disappearance.

Within days, horny monster will be out for your blood. So either you become guildlord the world thinks you are, or you will die as the office schmuck you once were. Scramble through a tale of crime, dungeons, office jobs, and loyalty, to ensure the happiness and safety of your newfound guild of horny miscreants.

  • A large text-based erotic RPG
  • Dungeon guild management
  • A pregnancy and fluids system
  • The web version of the game is fully compatible with mobile devices
  • A fully customisable player avatar
  • Narrative driven encounters against an army of horny miscreants
  • A massive hoard of collectable equipment

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StatusIn development
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(303 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
TagsAdult, Anime, Erotic, Management, monster-girls, Monsters, NSFW, Porn, Story Rich, Text based


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How do I obtain the fire walking ring?

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i was wondering. what file  that starts  game  win you download it i cant find it  ?



Rogschard requires a browser to run, even when downloaded. Open index.html by double clicking it. Alternatively, you can use the downloader to play the game directly

Awesome game. 

my only complaint is I couldn't get ms. Tenoxy to stuff my character full of slimes.


I wish we could fuck Nooks as a top. Better yet, a threesome with Nooks and Flutty where you're the top.

What a game, nearly cried when i saw "Game ending & Credits" and now k am shaking 😭 (I only got 1 side quest left but i am too broken to continue)


I was waiting for over 30 mins waiting for it to load just to realize I have to click on the image

Okay.. So whats the deal with the computer? Is the password patreon only? Is it later in the game? Is there a clue to it? I'm so confused

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It's for entering debug codes on mobile. There are some cheatcodes available to patreons you can enter there, yes

How do I export saves? I made progress here and I want to move that over to joiplay, but I don't know how. If its something incredibly obvious, I apologize in advance.


Depends on the platform. On desktop there is a download/upload button underneath the save slots. On mobile you can open the browser version in desktop mode, and export the save there.

I have no clue how to beat the bat lady, does anybody have a hint or something? I'm stuck and lowk ab to rage quit too lol

Once you reach the third phase, it will say that there has to be something that can help you convince her, when you check your inventory you'll see that you can throw the hougeton at her


Ok, so i have some ideas that in my opinion will add like little details o features to this awesome game, some might be weird and call em what u want, these are just some ideas that popped out of nowhere. Im not saying that these ideas are needed, they are just details or simple features that MAYBE can improve the inmersion in the game. (most of these are for the species greater slime)

1. Preganacy display: Just the detail that the belly grows per stage when those special dialogs pop out. Not X-ray(why).

2. If your species are greater slime there is a chance when you kill a slime depending of the gender of the slime and yours (if your gender is female and the slime is also female the probability of absorbtion will increase, and if the slime is male the probablility will decrease, and vice versa) you'll absorb it and it will converted in EP (Expansion Points) that can expand certain parts of your body like the boobs, butt, waist, thighs and probably height?(not that exagerated like the whole page, its more subtle (up to you(the creator)).

3. Lactation: After getting pregnant your breast will start to lactate. It's like an effect for being pregnant, it isn't necesary to be an actual thing, just the display of the milk spreading out through the body is enough. 

4. Idk if there are more species planed to add to the game but i have some to propose to add in the species selection(im sorry for the disorder):

- Werecow: Paceful creature of the surface that feeds of plants and are know as producers of extremly good quality milk.(this info can be expanded). Body Type: Tall, Medium size tail, Heavy Weight, they come various colors. Gender Distribution: 20% male/80% female. Relation to sex: Social bonding. Relation types common: Romantically monogamous. Reproducive bits: Penis, Vagina. Reproduction method: Sex. 

Thats it for now, and again im sorry if im asking too much.

bye :)


Thank you, glad you liked it~♥ I will add your comments to the suggested features list

no words can describe how much i love nooks

Is the paid version complete or are they still adding more?

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With v1.0.0.0 coming up next monday, there is a good chance I add stuff in the future, but not on a monthly schedule. I am currently working on a prototype for something new, and I don't know what the coming months will hold. It depends on how things turn out with the prototype, and if I continue to have enough money to pay my bills XP

Thanks for the information!

Hey by the way is there a way to do a virgin run without saying no to intercourse when it's demanded?


Hey, in the character creation can you please add the option to make male characters look more masculine and maybe add an option to have the messy hair style but change the color to brown instead? Or maybe just the option to choose hair color and style separately? Please take this into consideration and thank you

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help I don't know how to beat the sleeping werebat nvm I got it

I got to Dramnock

how did you beat ittt

you throw the hougeton at her during the 3rd phase

I can't seem to find the nimble climber skill even after I am pass lvl 5. Is there some other requirements to unlocking the skill?

I have double checked. The skill has been renamed to Rockwalking, and is bugged. The namechange is intended, the bug isn't, will upload a patch soon

The patch is up

ok thank you 

is it species/race blocked because my level 45 Great slime has water walking and firewalking but not rockwalking

Yea, it's a lv.5 Werecat skill

this would be so much better if it was on windows.


My brother in christ, it is an HTML game.

so, its browser only?


It runs in any browser as far as I can tell.

You can download the HTML file and everything it needs to display the porny goodness.


Cries my save file that I put over 12 hrs into is gone and I can't find my downloaded save. Ah well have to restart then.

Is there a way to transfer a save file from web browser to the installed game version?


Yes, on pc, you can hit the download button in the web version under the save-slots to download the currently loaded savefile. Then you can use the upload button to load it in the standalone version. If playing the web version on mobile, open the site in desktop mode and do the same

I'm on pc. It doesn't seem to be working for some reason...

I get this when I try to upload the downloaded save file from the web browser, I've tried it on other websites too not just the standalone version. It gives me the same *error*.


Hmmmm, strange. Don't know why it does that. You can try posting your savefile in the bugs channel in the Discord and I will take a look at it


Question: What is the depth of the pregnancy system?

You get some flare text and some interactions/acknowledgments, but it's not too indepth. Nothing that can't be had anywhere else. as far as I'm aware.

Game blocking bug in the web version- I screwed around with exploring the wrong way on day 1. I missed all the flags for Nooks, and while he SAYS he will go to the "slime nests" I have confirmed a few times that the room with gears on the floor is the "dungeon" and he is nowhere to be found. I have tried breeding with slimes. I have tried losing to slimes. I have gotten to level 20 desperately trying to make Nooks spawn and get the stuff to make a 2nd level of the dungeon in hopes THAT works. Nothing.


Oh dear, that sounds like trouble. I am sorry for the inconvinience. Would it be possible to post your savefile in the Discord?

That happened to me too.  I don't know HOW I fixed it, but eventually he showed up in the room.


Wish that there was a way to tame a harpy girl so I could have a dungeon floor made for harpies 

How do you get the tentacle interaction with the female slime in the slime nest

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FYI - The Mona breeding encounter isn’t updated for a male-to-hermaphroditic Greater Slime MC. The MC body references are all for the pre-reshape character. 

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Strange, thanks for reporting, I will take a look. Which one in specific is this, the bossfight, the adult scene afterward, or another scene? (Do note that most older scenes are retrofitted to work with the feature, they should not use any gendering language, but they will prob pick the existing wording for male genetalia)

i dont know if this helps but i found this on the borwser debug console tap  because same thing happend to me i cant play the game on the web 

Interesting, what browser is this?

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if im not wrong i think it was on google crome sence i used the chromebook OS

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Strange, that should only happen if the javascript version supported by your browser is way out of date. And then I mean waaaaaaaay out of date

ohhhhhh i see thank you for the help and yeah you are right i was teking a look in my laptop and yes is outdated making it inposible to do stuff 

the browser version on mine wont load any tips on how to fix this?

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You can try opening the web browser debug (if on pc), hotkey is Ctrl+shift+i on most browsers. If you navigate to the console tap and post the error messages I might be able to help

how about on android one?

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That's more difficult. I don't think you can see debug information without installing a specialized browser for that. It's not my area of expertise

You cant observe a mosquir summoner without a error popping up in the browser version


Alright, thanks for reporting! I will take a look


Can confirm, is a bug. Will be fixed next patch

Deleted 199 days ago
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You need to pass though the graveyard to unlock that door, its in the bottom left corner somewhere

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Hi guys can anyone help me with the goblin girl toebiter to join the dungeon floor please cause I tried to recruit her but is forcing me to fight her to death does anyone have any suggestions? 

Also in my opinion being a human being should have the ability to Rockwall as well cause back in my bush hometown there steep hills and valleys that requires you to use hands and feet to climb up these steep hills. Cause let me tell you they are not easy but is do able 

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Its just a game mechanic, afterall our character is a level 15 office worker who probably never climbed a day in his life


True but it is set in DNA and bone structure 

How i can open the gate with lever 2?

Hope there will be more new hairstyles in the future :> You did a great job. I can’t imagine how much you tried.

Deleted 199 days ago

I am sorry to hear that. I am afraid the avatar's body type cannot be changed. I would have loved to add a feature like that, but the sheer amount of variant art would have been beyond my ability to produce. I hope you can find what you are looking for elsewhere. Love, Nranchs

Deleted 229 days ago
Deleted 229 days ago


in the prolgue, I for some reason was able to go into the basement of the office building, despite it being the prologue

Oh, that's weird. Thanks for reporting! I will take a look

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I saw a thing about werecats getting a skill at level 5 but i was wondering what weredogs get

Edit: I can't seem to find the flamewalker ring

Edit:nvm I'm up to date now, just waiting for the next update

I love the game I just wish I could be more than just half human things but other than that I really enjoy the game

This was a fun text based game! I have one question about the rockwalking skill as I saw in the wiki that it's available for werecats at level 5, but even when I'm past that I don't see it available for purchase?


Ah yes, something seems to have been swapped around. The skill is called Nimble climber in the skill list, I will add it to the list to be fixed. Thanks for reporting!

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