Fight strange and wonderfully horny monsters, explore a weird alternate-dimension Amsterdam, wield your sexual prowess in a quest for love and glory!

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Story synopsis: They say great leaders are born, not made. You wouldn't know, you can barely afford rent, let alone rule anything. But all of that changes the day you accidentally resurrect the greatest monster guild, 15 years after its mysterious disappearance.

Within days, every crimeboss, police chief and private investigator will be out for your blood. So either you become guildlord the world thinks you are, or you will die as the office schmuck you once were.

Scramble through a tale of crime, dungeons, office jobs, and loyalty, to ensure the happiness and safety of your newfound guild of horny monsters.


  • Rogschard is an erotic text based RPG with guild building elements
  • The web version of the game is fully compatible with mobile devices
  • Rogschard is in the content development stage, its core features have been implemented, with the updates focussing on adding more content 
  • If you are stuck, try the wiki
  • Or join the Discord
  • If you have any suggestions or improvements, feel free to leave a comment down below
Updated 22 hours ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(199 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
TagsAdult, Anime, Erotic, Management, monster-girls, Monsters, NSFW, Porn, Story Rich, Text based


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Clicking on the image wouldn't let me go to next passage (stuck)

Is the engine using twine?  I'm on mobile tho

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Strange, that can happen when something breaks while loading. The engine is Undum, not Twine, for what it is worth. On mobile, all I can recommend is to try a different browser, as you cannot access the web browser's debugger


Great game, but if I may make a suggestion? From what I can tell there is no usable damage spells in story fights, which makes a mage build completely ineffective in these. I'd either make a damage spell that works in these or if there are damage spells that work in them, make them a bit more obvious please, as I have not been able to find any despite looking in the wiki. Great game though!

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Thank you, glad you liked it! Story fights should be beatable with every type of build, they are more like text puzzles then real fights. Most of them were made long before damage spells were introduced, and there isn't really a way to make them work with them without making them trivial. But, I can look into adding some more clarifications in the game about that

Are you able to play this on Mac?

Yes, it is browser based. Both the web and downloaded version should work

can someone please make a android vesison please 

Just use Joiplay

where do I find that?

Google play

When I was doing the orcmin puzzle I cant seem to figure out what im doing wrong

When fighting Sparkmind's 3rd robot, can't remember its name, text says "Just stand there like a buffoon" but doesn't have a defend option, is that a bug?

Its a bit weird I admit, but that is intended behaviour

how many female slime do I need  to defeat to unlock tentacle interaction at the slime nest

Im having issues with the web version on my tablet. I camt see whats on the left side of my screen. Is it supposed to be downloaded or played using joiplay?

I can't really tell what the issue is from that description alone. Can you post a screenshot of  screen?

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how many female slime does it take to unlock tentacle interaction at the slime nest

Three times, if I recall

I think I have killed more 


hey I was wondering if for later updates if you would be able to take care of your child and develop a mother/father relationship with it 

There currently are other features that take priority. Perhaps somewhere down the line the offspring system will get an overhaul



in the future will there be full races for character creation? like kobolds for example

No, I afraid the code had a hard time supporting different head shapes, so that is off the table right now

could you add more tails to the greater slime like form the other species. Could you also add tentacles to it

I will put it on the list of suggestions for future content

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Bug: Not sure if peeps mentioned, but if you click the top choice, Nearly Naked Soothsayer, though there's a choice to back out, it doesn't do anything.

Now some comments:

1. Could you change the oblivion potion to only reset skills that take skill potions? Really annoying that I'd end up losing my tome skills, especially when the player may lose some unique ones, like healing touch -- and it's unlock, Healing Circle -- and summon wood sprite [some easy grind] would be lost.
Could you sort of lock the skill if they're unique/ can't be obtained again?

1a. I thought flame orb was a magic weapon, and bought the magic weapon skill, whatever bolt, but turns out it's melee -.- Waste 2sp with that, so may want to clarify weapon type somewhere.

2. The on screen combat is uber annoying, with how I'm only dealing 1 damage if I use weapons.

3. Maid set is uber powerful, especially compared to the other items/set. The only other close one is Snowyrm; could we get some male equivalent? Not really into my character crossdressing.

4. Boxes are uber OP, allowing us to get purple/pink[+3?] equipment through save scumming.... Problem is they don't refresh, thus if peeps don't know about this, they'd end up missing out, until they can start enchanting. Especially with some of the enchants: Miner= quicker resources, Extractor= essence and treasure, Longshot= some stats, Fortitude= HP&Fx&LP, Fortunate= exp and something, plus others.

(3 edits)

Thanks for reporting!

  • 1: The Oblivion potion thing is an oversight, it was introduced far before the tome skills. I will take a look at fixing it
  • 1a: That is a bug, either the enchanted weapon bug, or something else. It should be a magic weapon (I fixed something like that with the update on the 5th of December). Will take a look
  • 2: There are many balance changes coming, and still more are in development. I hacked on-screen combat in one version before this one, and it still needs a lot of love
  • 3: More armour is coming eventually, will take a look at the balancing
  • 4: Fixing the chest drops would be possible, I will put it on the list of suggestions for future content

I've got a minor bug: When using a Great Liquid Flux, a normal one is consumed instead. 

Unfortunately, it also only restores 10 Flux, so it's not exploitable :D

Oh, the first part is new to me. Thanks for reporting! Will fix it.

I'm not sure why, but I can only attack with my fists not, regardless of what weapon I have equipped. Not fun.

I am not sure I understand, can you give more information?

I'm not sure what caused it, but in the Orcsmin labs, I noticed I no longer had range on my Fire Orb, and in fact I was attacking with Fist when they were adjacent. I have tried unequipping, requipping, equipping melee weapons, dropping off-hand gear, none of it can make me attack in any way but Fist. The Icon for attacking changes to the weapon I have equipped, but the weapon attack is always Fist

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Weird, could you post your safe file in the Discord? I will take a look

Nevermind, I have found the bug. There are some issues with enchantments and the new weapon system. For now it is better to use non enchanted weapons. There will be a fix included in next patch on December the 5th

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socks and boots... could be from different categories like: legs(blue socks) feet (boots)

it's kind of annoying to see the pc walking around without shoes

Wish i could go fullscreen

Nranchs I was wondering if there are cheats in the game I've been playing for a long time but i lost all my progress via and accidental computer factory reset if there are if you could tell me it would be very appreciated

There are development console commands, many that helps. Shift-D when on the map, then type help into the box

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Hey hello I'm a kinda experienced person with this game played it a few months ago but i am now hopping back but I was wondering if there any way for the pc to pump npc's full of eggs

Or will there be a race that the pc can be were we can do that ?

Oh and I really love and enjoy this so keep doing what you do. Thank you

Thank you for the kind words! Here is a list pregnancies that are currently in the game

Thank you I was wondering about that one more question though in the future of the game would there be a chance to become a drainfly or any other insect as a starter race ?

Perhaps, I tend to add new races on a whim, so we will see


Does this have or soon add Android? 

Also y'all have a online version?

If you are asking is their is an .apk version, I am afraid the answer is no. There is no multiplayer version either


hey there! i'm new here, thus i only created an account to ask if there's any updates for the get fired mission? i'm dying to progress on the story

i still haven't figured this site out, so if there' already an update i must've not seen it...

even though most ppl might get dragged into the game first for the adult theme, this game is a masterpiece worth every hour spent without sleep! (played it so much i got sick and had to spend a few days in bed to recover)

do you plan on making it a local multiplayer game? it would be awesome to be able to fight friends etc... i'm hosting it on a private server so i can play with my friend and seeing how good the save/load system is, i see a good possibility to make this work for local multiplayer. you wouldn't need to worry about cheaters in the game since somewhat advanced users could use this possibility to enrich their RP experience. also i'm still lvl 85 thus also avoided reading through the code not to spoil stuff i still didn't discover, but does it keeps on expanding? it would be awesome if after you reach certain levels you had the option to earn titles for your char, like in the case of somebody's level reach like 200 or whenever no enemy in the game could beat the player...

there are plenty of ways that could be done and we wouldn't need to worry about lag at all, but it would certainly expand the amount of data to be inserted in the cookie and you can just ignore some infos from  the other player in local mp not to give away all his stats, unless the player has higher inspect skill level than the other. sorry for the bible i wrote tho, i got so many ideas i'd love to see implemented in the future! keep up the awesome work!


Thanks for your kind words!

The 'get fired' mission gets wrapped up in v0.2.8.0, which releases to the public the first Monday of January.

I am afraid I don't plan to add multiplayer, it would take too much time away form the things I want to focus on in development.


ooh cool!

i understand, but would you allow me to try to make it myself? it will take probably a month or so to get it working and if runs fine, you can have the code to do as you please since i'd only be making it to play with my friends in my private server!

only with your permission though!


You are free to mod the game any way you please and distribute the changes. The game is written mostly in raw javascript, you got everything I have access to right in the game files


Does anyone of you guys tried to recover your hit points, it doesn't recover at all? Am I the only one experienced this?


You have equipped the ring of undeath, most likely


Okay,that's fine


I am not able to get the peculiar chattering quest, no matter how much I try talk to her.


if that's about the Drainfly, you should walk up to the Church of Qir (in the Tech Boulevard area) and talk to Corpi and purchase a Chitterspeech skill item, then go to the buy skill tab and buy it from there so it becomes permanent. and then you try to talk to her and new options will appear. then inspect her and keep talking to her until you convince her. just buying the chitterspeech item didn't work for me for it didn't appear on my item's list.


She doesn't sell it to me. The wiki states that you need to try to talk to the drainfly in combat and you obtain the quest. No matter how often I use the talk option I don't gent the quest.


You can try uploading your savefile in the bug channel of the discord, I can take a look at it on Monday



cant open saves and i cant use it on my firefox for some reason after downloading it not quite sure what the problem is ive also tried using it on edge aswell as chrome but nothing works.

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for reporting, but I am afraid I will need a bit more info.

What do you mean by 'cant open saves'?

  • If you cannot find your old saves with the downloaded version: It is likely because your game is in a different folder then last time. Local browser pages only can see savedata from the exact folder path they are in.
  • If an error occurs when loading a save: Can you please post the error?

I cant open my saves for some reason

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Do you have some more information? What device are you running on? Do you get an error?

mee too my saves are all empty

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Thank you for reporting, but I am afraid I will need a bit more info.

What do you mean by 'Saves are all empty'?

  • If you cannot find your old saves with the downloaded version: It is likely because your game is in a different folder then last time. Local browser pages only can see savedata from the exact folder path they are in.
  • If an error occurs when loading a save: Can you please post the error?

i think i didnt exported on my pc the saves but im having fun playing it all over again its a great game

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How do I play? I feel stupid for asking but i can't for the life of me see how to proceed past this.


If clicking anywhere doesn't work, you might have encountered a critical error. You can try switching browsers, or see if there is a error message by opening the dev tools (Ctrl+shift+I) and navigating to the console


Thank you!

are there any plans to add a gallery for scenes that are unable to be repeated normally

Not currently, for technical reasons. If there are some scenes you would like to be repeatable, you can post those. I can see what can be done


I haven't seen the updates to this for the past year or so, and i must say; i'm bloody impressed by the progress made. I adore this dark theme a lot as well.


Thank you! Glad you liked it.

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Is Mona's pregnancy not implemented, or bugged? She'll happily pump the PC full of eggs if asked (or on her own if you let her) but they all just dissipate after a while and the status screen insists your orifices are devoid of any content.


Yea, I don't think there is a pregnancy for that right now because it used to only be a loss scene. I will make a note, and see if I can add it in a future update


Any plans for more hermaphrodite characters like Nuby?


hm yes it does appear i have a crush on nooks

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Was talking to Mell The Soothsayer after leaving the building and it made it impossible to go back, completely stuck on her screen

Thank you for reporting. I am unable to reproduce that error. Can you open the dev tools (Ctrl+shift+I on pc), navigate to the console, and post any errors you find there?

(2 edits)

This error will occur if you initiate interaction with Mell by clicking on the "nearly naked soothsayer" link in her opening screen, instead of "Talk with Mell" action provided underneath. Essentially it makes the "Back" button do nothing, and you're stuck in the loop where you can only "Listen" to Mell forever and ever.

Oh, did I forgot to remove that link? Yep, that will break stuff, thanks for reporting!

I'm not sure if this is a bug but female werecats can get the female slime pregnant somehow?

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That is not supposed to happen, I will look into it.

Edit: Can't find anything out of place. Do you remember what scene this was (loss/victory & combat/non-combat)?

I don't really understand the combat.  Whether I make them cum or they make me cum, I end up being completely exhausted and back in bed.  What do I do to continue progressing?


You have to make them orgasm enough times to make them tired, usually about twice. 

Will there be more starting species in the future?

Yes, there are more starting species coming


I stumbled across this game about a year ago and enjoyed it a lot. I finally decided to give it another play and see any new updates and I was shocked!! I started a new game and was immediately impressed with how different it was, and it's really amazing. The game has progressed so much and I'm so excited to see the rest. I'm already anticipating the masterpiece I'm confident the final version will be. 

My only issue has been getting lost even with the map... It would be handy if there were something to remind you of the direction the exits are once you have fully explored an area. Also possibly something like different square colors on the map for the different areas? Maybe it could be an accessibility setting that could be toggled on or off, so directionally challenged people like me could use it without having to have it on for everyone.


Thanks for playing, glad you liked it! I will think about making the map clear somehow.

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